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Increase user engagement through interactive diagrams and images. For example, a chiropractor may want a diagram of a back with certain elements on it to be clickable or change upon mouse rollover.

Spice up your site with a beautiful image gallery, complete with click-to-expand functionality. An image gallery is a simple way to increase customer engagement on your website, as well as adding interest to the overall look and feel.

Increase conversions and improve your bottom line with a custom landing page designed to accurately match your brand and reflect the messaging of your promotion.

Encourage site visitors to make an appointment with a Quick-Fill Appointment Form on your homepage! The convenience and simplicity of the form will help turn visitors into new customers.

Get more content on your site but without adding clutter with the addition of the Tab Organizer. These convenient tabs are a nice way to show off information that is very user-friendly. Text, Images, or Social Feeds can be placed within the tabs.

If your business relies on incoming calls or foot traffic, it's important that the phone numbers on your site are C2C Links, or "Click-to-Call" links. This will allow mobile web visitors to click a link that dials a phone number.

If you have a lot of information you need to present on a single page, an information accordion is a great way to organize that content! Users simply click on a headline and it expands to show more text within.

Add a level of organization and clarity to your site with customized information tables. These can be pricing tables, schedules, or even calendars.

If you want an even simpler mobile version of your website, this is it! The Mobile Landing Page is a condensed one-page version of your website for quick access on all mobile devices.

Add a dropdown menu to help consolidate your website's navigation and increase user friendliness. We recommend no more than 7 main menu links before investing in a dropdown.

Everyone loves a good deal, including your customers! Add custom-designed coupons or specials to start converting more customers into visitors today.

Media can be a great way to engage your audience. With this add-on, we will integrate anything from videos, e-books, PDFs and more onto your website.

Take the look of your site and your branding to the next level with customized charts, graphs, or diagrams that match your company's existing website, branding, and colors.

Let your visitors learn about your business at a glance with a custom Infographic Block on your home page. You tell us the numbers or statistics you want to show, and our design team will take care of the rest.

Increase trust in your brand by displaying logos of memberships you're a part of, companies you have worked with, or companies you are affiliated with, which link out to external sites. 

Display your best testimonials on your site at a glance with our Testimonial Showcase. Makes a great addition to any homepage, or add an additional Testimonials page to your website.

Add pages to your website with new and relevant content, or with new features. This shows your customers that your business is always improving and staying current.

In addition to the features included in the Basic SEO Audit, the expanded SEO Audit includes a comprehensive analysis of SEO errors, detailing which pages, links, and images have the errors.

Our SEO Auditor analyzes 6 key components vital to your website's health: visibility, meta data, content, links, images, semantics, and page speed. Our basic SEO Audit includes a full-site summary of any issues your site may have, with definitions of each error type.

Breathe new life into your website and increase customer engagement with a Premium Image Slider, with features such as customized text captions on each image, arrows for easier navigation, and linkable images.

Advanced Footers increase the usability and functionality of your website. Our Advanced Site Footer includes things like a sitemap, hours of operation, address, site summary, social media links, and newsletter sign up forms.

Get a live, working Google Map on your website! This interactive piece will not only allow your visitors quick visibility of your business, but it will make it easy to get directions.

If you already have a Google Calendar for you business, then it can be integrated into your website. Customers can follow the calendar and subscribe to be notified when it is updated.

We offer custom graphic work for your business outside the realm of logos, icons, and the like. This is an hourly fee, as our designers will try to bring your concept to life!

Instead of the standard “Message sent successfully” Confirmation Page a user sees after filling out a form, we can customize the Confirmation Page with more call-to-actions and helpful information that will help increase user engagement.

Capitalize on user engagement with customs forms tailored to your business. We can create a custom form for just about anything, including employment forms, quote requests, volunteer forms, and so on.

Connect your users to your Facebook or Twitter feeds straight from your website with the addition of the embeddable Live Social Feed. The advantage of a Live Social Feed is that it keeps users from leaving your website to go to the social platform.

In addition to dropdown menus, certain websites require the use of a sub-menu that sits below the standard navigation of the site. These can be horizontal or vertical arrangements.

Positive reviews = More Customers. Build customer trust by adding a Review Booster section to your website. This will link your customers to external sites, such as Google+ or Yelp, where they can read or leave reviews of your business.

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